New York State Judo, Inc. is a “not for profit” organization.  Our goals are to teach and promote, the ideals and techniques of Judo and the philosophy of Professor Jigoro Kano, originator of Judo –   “harmony and mutual benefit for all”.
New York State Judo, Inc. coordinates and encourages competition, development of children and adults through continual Judo education.  Good health, fitness, both mental and physical are part of Judo training.  Our mission is to help enhance the entire human being through the continued practice of Judo and its philosophy.  We are a service organization for the entire state and as a Group “B” member of USA Judo.

USA Judo is the National governing body of Judo in the United States. It is given the authority by the United States Olympic Committee and is a voting member of the International Judo Federation.